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Re: Re: Re: Re: Switch Hitting

Posted by: Chris Gonzalez (chrisjay411@aol.com) on Wed Jul 30 18:38:00 2008

> I started switch hitting my sophomore year in junior college. It's really a three to five year plan. I don't recommend it at such a late age but it worked out for me. I had to do something different to continue playing at a division 1 college. As a good natural right handed hitter, it took me 3 1/2 years to complete the switch. I ended up hitting .377 left handed and .285 right handed. I hit 8 home runs all from the left side. I started my son at age 9 and he is a sophomore in high school and is a good hitter from both sides. I've traveled with my son all over the country and have yet to see another switch hitter. It is truly a sweet thing to watch a 14 year kid smash the ball from both sides of plate in the same game and have parents and coaches in awe.


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