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Re: Re: GRC

Posted by: RQL () on Wed Feb 14 19:49:30 2001

Hi grc,Is there any progress with your sons swing as far as pulling the middle in pitch.>
> >
> >
> >hi rql...it's been awhile...baseball season starting up, plus work is busiest for me this time of year....seems like my son is making progress ....he is starting to pull the inside pitch more for line drives rather than gb's to right side or bloopers to opposite field......seemingly the solution may be somewhat mental rather than physical....he's consciously thinking and practicing contacting the inside pitch about 6 inches farther out in front of the palte than he had before....i had previously assumed that it was a physical problem in mechanics causing him to contact the inside pitch too close to homeplate but now it seems that just thinking (and practicing)6 inches farther out in front is working...p.s...i hope tim's site is comimg along ok...i just cruise by this site or hitting.com because i can get in really fast...but i'll check out tim's site again soon, because it is a great one...grc GRC,that's how I created the muscle memory from the tee ,by hitting the ball out front more and seing how far out I had to make contact to hit it in the hole or at least not get jammed.after a while when you see the inside pitch ou know from memory where the bat has to get to for contact and the equal strength in both hands allowed my top hand to take over when needed.Good luck


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