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Re: Hitting

Posted by: THG () on Mon Aug 4 09:24:54 2008

> Greetings!
> We are 4th year High School students conducting a study on achieving a series of precise hits in softball. We are trying to derive a formula/s that when executed will yield the same result, which is a hit. Can you point out some of the factors we may have to consider in our experiment? THANK YOU! :)

You may wish to consider the following factors.

1. weight of the batter (assuming an athletic build) 210 lbs
2. swing speed of the bat 85 mph
3. weight of the bat 32 ounces
4. speed of the incoming pitch 90 miles per hour
5. average long hit of a strong player 385 ft

Power = mass * acceleration. Therefore somehow 1 thru 4 above should equal 5 relatively speaking. If anything this is a start for your hypothesis. (See Robert K Adair's book, the physics of baseball)


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