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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Jack: When does BHT take place?

Posted by: dougdinger () on Tue Aug 23 23:10:06 2005

> >>> You missed my question in my previous reply to this thread. I just need a clarification on this topic. Are you saying that both THT and BHT are applied at the same time right from the beginning to contact, or does THT start first then BHT finish near the end of the swing? Thsi is where I'm confused at. Thanks. <<<
> Hi Doug
> I think you seem to understand it well. Torque is continually being applied from initiation to contact. I just defined the torque applied during initiation as THT and at contact as BHT for reasons I discussed earlier.
> Jack Mankin

Ok thanks, but this brings to another question. You say that the shoulders rotating cause the bottom arm to come around and puts a force on the hand that causes torque. My questions is, does the rotation of the soulders automatically apply BHT? Or do you apply the torque by the hands themselves? Same with the top hand. Does the dropping of the back elbow automatically cause the top hand to apply the THT or do you use the hands to apply the torque? Thanks again! Doug.


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