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Poor Swing

Posted by: chuck (ckirkpatrick@ponderco.com) on Thu Aug 7 10:05:26 2008

Great site!

I have read Batspeed Research and Swing Mechanics in an effort to help my non-athletic nine-year old daughter get over some hitting problems. (I am suffering from information overload now). There are multiple things wrong with her swing, but I would like to solve the biggest problem ASAP which is a tendency to hit balls foul outside the third base line. She is right-handed. Somehow, she carries the ball around on the bat and the bat does not "let go" of the ball until her swing is way around, resulting in continual fouls.

She had been dipping down, producing a golf-like swing and we have gotten over some of that. She is about 51 inches tall, 55 lbs and uses a 27 in 17oz bat. I am frustrated with my inability to help her and she really wants to get better. Any advice would be appreciated.

By the way, how does one order the video?




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