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Posted by: mike (mikelamb68@hotmail.com) on Fri Aug 26 02:01:09 2005

> don't intstruct him how, but tell him to do whatever it takes his body to do to hit the ball to the right side of 2nd base.
> bribe(reward) him with something he wants/desires everytime he hits the ball there.
> i'm not joking.
That is a good way to get him to wait on it. But for drills you cant beat a tee. have him set up on the plate (like even with the plate). Then set the hitting tee over the middle of the plate (outside part of the plate). Now have him swing until he starts to drive the ball towards 1st - 2nd.
The rest is timming. He is just starting his swing early. The tee should help some but when he waits on the ball more he will see it happen.


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