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take weight shift out of the equation

Posted by: ray porco () on Sat Aug 27 17:09:55 2005

Jack (Board),

OK, instead of DEFINING “weight shift”, why don’t we ask WHAT DOES IT DO?

An elementary experiment can reveal the hidden secret.

To find out what “weight shift” adds to a swing, all one has to do is remove it from the swing and see exactly what is missing.

So if one were to take the “weight shift” out of their swing they should be able to tell what is missing from their swing and therefore what it adds to the swing and therefore why we/everyone “weight shifts”.

If “weight shift” STOPS before body rotation begins, this should be fairly easy for you/anyone to attempt. Assume the position you would be in when rotation starts and simply start your swing (rotate) from that point, with no forward movement of your Center of Gravity. Apply THT or BHT, work your front shoulder all the way back to the catcher while your top hand assumes the “L”,but simply do not allow your Center of Gravity (your belly button is approximate enough) to move forward.

I know what my results are.
In fact I would ask all readers of this post to try this, and disclose their results.

One more thing, I also know (fairly certain) the “why” of my results. It is very evident (at least to me), when you try.


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