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Re: Re: Re: Re: THT--Necessary?

Posted by: Hitter (hitguru205@aol.com) on Tue Aug 30 14:05:22 2005

> Hi Hitter
> I just finished shooting a video for an instructional DVD on how to use our new rotational training tool "The PathFinder. We demonstrate to hitters how it is used to develop a CHP, BHT and THT in their swing. I am going to make a clip of the THT footage available to show in my posts. It will provide answers to your questions much better than I can discribe with the written word.
> I hope to have it available in a couple weeks. Incidentally, I teach my students to start from the same launch position Gonzalez exhibits. Therefore, his mechanics personify how I teach THT for pitches middle-in.
> Jack Mankin

Thanks, Jack. I'll look forward to it.


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