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Re: Swing down to the ball

Posted by: THG () on Sun Aug 10 18:46:36 2008

> I believe you failed to fully evaluate the concept of swinging down to the baseball. As you stated, at some point it is necessary to swing down toward the ball if the hands are starting around the head. Understanding this, we must look at the most direct bat path to the baseball for most of the great hitters, this of course is a straight line from where the bat starts at an angled position behind the batters head angled at roughly 45 degrees down to the point of contact on a middle/middle pitch. *note that all different pitches have different points of contact which provides a slight variation in the swing.* As a baseball player we want to make contact with the bottom third of the ball on a downward angle providing for more backspin. I most definitely encourage you to try this and really feel the difference between hitting a ball focusing on contact on a down angle to the ball and up angle through the ball making contact with the bottom third of the baseball!

Eugene. With all due respect, this site does not promote downward swinging. Moreover it goes against the theory of gravity to actually swingdown and expect the ball to go up with greater force than swinging up or level. PLEASE READ the "Science of Hitting" by Ted Williams so that you may understand the foundation of the swing.


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