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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Preventing disconnection?

Posted by: Hitter (hitguru205@aol.com) on Thu Sep 1 13:39:11 2005

> Hi Tom
> Well stated. When the batter’s mechanics produce an angular displacement of the hand-path (CHP), the body’s rotational momentum is transferred into bat-head acceleration (the pendulum effect). Mechanics that produce a straighter hand-path result in a "disconnection" of the bat-head from the body’s rotational momentum.
> Jack Mankin

Is is possible to disconnect by voluntarily moving the hands perpendicular to the line of flight? What would you think of keeping the hands at the shoulder, and then beginning to move the hands perpendicular to the incoming ball as soon as shoulder rotation starts? Carlos Lee does something similar to this.

Or should the hands not voluntarily move at all? In speaking of "connection," this is the type of question I had in mind.


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