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Re: Re: Why does a batter hit opposite field majority of time

Posted by: KML () on Fri Aug 15 11:04:28 2008

> > My 10 yr old son is now hitting to Right side of field 95% of time when he use to hit to all fields. He'll do one of 3 things: #1) grounder to SS side..sometimes through for a hit #2) lazy quail to RCF or #3) a screamer to Right Side.
> From what you've said it seems like your son isn't getting solid rotation and his swing is becoming too arm oriented. The only pitch that he can hit hard is the pitch on the outside to the opposite field because that location doesn't require much rotation.
> You must understand the fine art of the swing. From an overhead view you'll notice that once the lead arm is perpendicular (is at 90 degrees) to the body the wrists will begin to roll, once the wrists start rolling the path of the bat head sharply rises. This probably explains the grounders to short.
> Because of a lack of rotation your son's lead arm is reaching that 90 degree point early which is okay for outside pitches but bad for pitches middle in.
> Just have him start thinking more conciously of rotation.

Thanks. I thought it was bat drag, but I video taped a workout last night. Not much drag. I think he may just be a little 'lazy' in his rotation like you said. A hitting coach mentioned he was using hands as a crutch and not using his leg muscles as much..may have picked up on what you're saying.

My boy is usually pretty good. Batted .750 in Feb Tourney, .600 or so in memorial day tourney, but after that and a full LL season (.752 BA over 20 AAA LL games - WEAK pitching this year), he may be a little tired. I haven't pressed, just happy they are solid contact.

I did notice on the video that he's falling back a little...just some small things like that...maybe a little early arm slotting when batting righty - so maybe slight bat drag. He pulled more last night than has been though. I noticed he did stride more. He use to be a no stride hitter.

I'm just happy I didn't see that back elbow leading the hands ;-)

Thanks for the feedback


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