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Re: Bat Drag vs Bat Lag

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Aug 15 11:56:33 2008

>>> What is the difference between Bat drag and Bat Lag? <<<

Hi Homer

Welcome to the site. Batspeed.com terms are “Bat Drag” and the “Lag Position.” -- From the launch position (bat behind your head), the bat-head is rotated about 90 degrees rearward toward the catcher before it starts arcing around toward the contact zone. The “Lag Position” is just a reference point in the bat’s accelerating trajectory where the bat’s knob is pointing toward the pitcher and the barrel toward the catcher.

In my opinion, the term “Bat Lag” stems from linear cues like “Knob to the ball” or “Don’t release the bat-head too soon.” With linear mechanics, the batter drives the knob forward with the bat trailing behind in the “lag” position. The bat-head does not arc around until the hands near full extension. -- With rotational principles, the bat-head trailing behind the hands’ advancement constitutes “Bat Drag.”

Using efficient rotational mechanics, the bat-head is being accelerated around the swing plane right from initiation, through the “Lag Position” and continues accelerating to contact. However, with less efficient mechanics, the angular acceleration of the bat does not stay in sync with the advancement of the hands. The hands arrive at the contact zone but the bat-head is “Dragging” 30+ degrees behind. This produces the weak ground balls and flares out over first base.

Jack Mankin


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