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Re: Why does a batter hit opposite field majority of time

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Fri Aug 15 17:59:34 2008

> My 10 yr old son is now hitting to Right side of field 95% of time when he use to hit to all fields. He'll do one of 3 things: #1) grounder to SS side..sometimes through for a hit #2) lazy quail to RCF or #3) a screamer to Right Side.
> Is he not using enough THT? His batting coach does lead arm drills with small bat to teach him to stay inside the ball. Has that finally taken a toll and perhaps some Top Hand drills are needed?
> Regards,


I am not a big fan of bottom hand drills. If not done correctly it will promote lead elbow colapse and early roll over.

Without seeing your son swing, it sounds like he may be rolling over to soon. That would account for the weak grounders to the SS. The hard hit balls to RF are because he is hitting the ball deeper in the zone before the hands have a chance to roll over.

In your response to Chuck you mentioned that he was leaning back. This can also cause you to hit grounders. When they lean back at the start of the swing watch the flight of his hands they may be pushing out and traveling down to the ball.

Work on getting the lead elbow up at the start of the swing. If the lead elbow is up he can not roll over.



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