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Re: Re: Re: Re: Why does a batter hit opposite field majority of time

Posted by: rql () on Fri Aug 15 19:50:26 2008

> >>> Like many cues they can have many meanings or interpretations,depending on how you see the swing evolve.To use it with rotational thoughts,it is not about the 1st movement it is about drawing the hands into a tighter hand path for a pitch on the inner 1/3rd of plate by contact so the swing can keep it fair,it can help some hitters with good mechanics think about the adjustment needed for the inside pitch. <<<
> Hi Rql
> Rotational mechanics is for both inside and outside pitches. If “keep your hands inside the ball” is about drawing the hands into a tighter hand path for a pitch on the inner 1/3rd of plate, how would you interpret its use for pitches away where the hands cannot be drawn into a tighter path?
> Jack Mankin
...HI jack,when you actually become a hitter you find that cues and thought processes are not cut and dry,different thoughts are used in different situations.Anyways if I was using the cue and I was trying to cover the whole plate or say 3/4th of it then I would have a swing thought of hitting the os pitch 1st and have a vision of my contact point I would be thinking of letting the ball come to me and hit it to center.then if I read a ball coming inside more say over the middle of plate or more inside my sublimial thought already programmed is to keep the hands inside the ball which is a cue to draw the hands into a tighter hand path and speed up the swing[or initiation of swing] to catch up to the ball inside,a cue is only good if it works to help an individual hitter react properly for himself to get the bat where he wants it and when he wants it there.


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