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Posted by: rql () on Sat Aug 16 07:32:44 2008

> here in CHICAGO, i watch the WHITE SOX (mostly) & CUBS on a daily basis.. i am asking for all you batting coaches & hitters extraordinaire on this site `to take a look at JUNIOR GRIFFEY, PAUL KONERKO, & JIM THOME.. & give us some adjustments you would recommend to nake these 3 guys more successful..
> i see everyone writing about this that & the other concerning how to swing the bat .. but i don't ever see anyone analyze MLB hitters who are going bad & offer an adjustment or 2 to help these guys out.. anything would be appreciated, since they are certainly not getting much help from their batting coach, GREG WALKER.
> any ideas?'

if you could post some current video of them it would help,and we cant see the mind or how well their eyes are working,there is alot of great swings that are off swing plane by a 1/4 of an inch that is getting little results and no real mechanic is wrong just ability or seeing the ball good or a minor injury or stiffness can make the difference,but post and we will look.


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