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Re: still another demonstration of linear

Posted by: CCC () on Fri Sep 16 06:27:37 2005

> Yeah this is linear handpath, but he is messing around in the tunnel and show me a "live" clip of him keeping his back shoulder level and swinging this way. He may be working on his slapping technique?:> The clips of Bonds are rotational you mentioned in your last post. Watch his hand path, his TH goes back toward 1B dugout and gets into a CHP. He is so effecient with his swing it may look like hands to ball, but his back elbow initiates the swing and his hands are pulled by his front side working up and around - "rotational mechanics." Bonds is strong but Do you think he has hit 700+ HR because he takes his hands to ball? For people that are fairly smart on this topic it is funny to read these post, but I get a little agitated because they have people that view this post that have no clue about swings and want to learn about hitting and they get info like this and 10+ girls or boys get cheated because they think Barry Bonds or Sammy Sosa are linear hitters. I know this is a discussion board and that is what we are doing, I wouldn't dare get on a auto mechanic board and start talking about horsepower and octane readings, because I am clueless. >
> http://www.youthbaseballcoaching.com/mpg/Sosa04.mpeg
> .


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