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Re: Re: Re: Under the ball

Posted by: THG () on Mon Aug 18 15:02:32 2008

> It will continue to amaze me how infrequently Ted and, the Science of hitting, get referenced.
> The man laid it all out in black and white, not only in his book but, in a film clip that coincides with the book.
> But ,people will continue to search for the unattainable hitting grail and, harp on buzz words that, to say are inapplicable in the batters box, is an understatement.
> The last man to hit 400, with over 500 home runs,shows the world his coveted hitting principles and, people look else where for the answers...
> I guess he didn't use fancy enough buzz words.

AMEN AMEN AMEN. I second your thoughts, but people just cannot believe that hitting could be that simple.


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