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For Jack...Raison d'entree for Amended Belief

Posted by: The Black Hole Lexicographer (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sun Feb 25 21:05:41 2001

Dear Jack,
I remember once when I asked you should the back knee turn in, and down and in, and you stated that any lowering of the back knee would move the axis forward. Nevertheless, after testing that opinion a few time, I have reason to believe that the back knee should turn down and in. Here's why:

I would agree that if the front knee landed stiff, and the back knee lowered, it would shift the axis. However, when both legs are used, the bent knee must straighten, and push the hip up and outward. That would mean that just rotating the back leg would be a positioning move for the front hip to rotate around the back hip.

Therefore, the axis must be stabilized. If the front knee is moving up (by straightening and outward, the back leg must not only turn, but lower a certain degree to both stabilize the axis, and prevent the front hip from traveling around the back hip.

Since up-outward/down-in are binary opposites, they should cancel out, and the body should rotate around a stationary axis.

Jack, please provide an opinion ASAP, because I finally believe I unlocked the secret to good rotation.

The Black Hole Lexicographer


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