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Drills for Using Swing Speed Radar

Posted by: JLB (oz2009@verizon.net) on Wed Aug 20 07:12:05 2008

The posts on off season workout plans got me thinking about how to structure some drills to generate higher bat speed earlier in the swing. Technique is one thing but ingraining them another. I was thinking of using the swing speed radar to measure swing speed when swinging against the heavy bag. My high school age son falls in the category that Jack describes as "still expending energy to gain bat speed for 20 to 40 degrees (poor hitters past 60 degrees) of bat travel after the bat passes the contact point". Has anyone used the radar in conjunction with the bag? Once he gets a feel for generating quanitative speed earlier in the swing, I would then try tee work or maybe that hands back hitter device. Keep in mind this is just something he could do alone in the garage and as a supplement to regular BP in the off season. Also, is taking swings using a overload bat (heavier wood bat) and then an underload bat (lighter metal tha -3 or even a thunderstick type bat) a good idea? Or should all swings be conducted with the -3? We use a wood bat in BP but mostly for sweet spot feel and not to get that overload/underload experience which again, I am unsure as to how beneficial that may be. Any feedback is most welcome.




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