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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Which workouts are best for hitting?

Posted by: jalal leach (jdleachy@bmp18.com) on Wed Sep 28 15:26:38 2005

> > > > i am 16 and a highschool baseball player. How can i improve off speed pitches?
> >
> > Being an ex-major league player. I think the way I improved on hitting breaking balls is having either my BP coach throw them to me in batting practice or having your coach throw you some up close (about 10 feet or so away). The key to hitting breaking balls is looking for the red dot. Remember, hitters hit the hanging breaking balls, not the nasty ones. Those we take or try to foul off. Trust your hands and practice always hitting thru the middle of the field. And always be ready for the fastball. Sometimes if you aren't hitting breaking balls it's because you aren't ready for the fastball.
> >
> > Good luck
> >
> > Jalal Leach
> > San Francisco Giants 2001
> > www.bmp18.com
> A great answer. Take more bp and you'll get better.............how about some specifics Mr. MLB.

How do you want me to be more specific? When I first went to Triple A with the Yankees, I think I struck out 125 times mostly on breaking balls. But as the years went on and I saw more off-speed pitches, I started to recognize them more and more and I became a really good breaking ball hitter. There is no secret to hitting just, HITTING, HITTING, AND MORE HITTING! If you are ever in Sacramento come see me and I'll show you what I mean.

Have Fun!!

Jalal Leach


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