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Re: Re: Re: Lead Arm

Posted by: jalal leach (jdleachy@bmp18.com) on Wed Sep 28 22:32:17 2005

> No great hitter has a straight hand path?
> Your mistaken. No great power hitter has a straight hand path. But almost all the great high average hitters have a straight hand path.
> (I use Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners as a prime example, as unothodox as his swing may be, he still takes a straight path to the ball.)
> That fact is this! As we all know the shortest path to a point is a straight line, not a curve, and not a circle.
> A short path to the ball allows a hitter to wait longer and see the ball better so therefore he will be more percise with his swing.
> A curved or circular path to the ball is longer, which causes the hitter to have to start his swing a bit earlier (cheating) although more momentum and angular displacement (faster bat) may be generated a long circular hand path to the ball makes for a less percise swing.
> This is why homer run hitters tend to bat for lower averages, and high average hitters tend to hit less home runs.
> It's a matter of preference, and I prefer the high average.

I'm not trying to be smart, but Have you heard of Barry Bonds, Albert Pujols, Vlade Guerrero, A-Rod. These guys can hit!! They are power hitters as well.

I think the guys you see hitting homers with low averages like Adam Dunn, he knows the way to make money in the Bigs at his size is by hitting Jacks!! Not singles. So to him what's a strike-out? An out! So a lot of these guys can hit, but they want to stay in the league and get paid, so they swing for the "Gate".

Remember the old Nike commercial "Chicks dig the long ball." There you have it. Why do you think steriods were so rampant in the game. Owners only want bodies in the seats and the fans want to see homers. Remember Professional Baseball is a Big Time Business.

Now you know a little mind-set of a pro-ball player.



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