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Re: Finishing over the plate

Posted by: Josh (joshuazink@gmail.com) on Thu Aug 28 12:20:23 2008

> Everytime my brother swings the bat his body momentum is being pulled over the plate (i.e. upon finishing the swing his back moves toward the plate to prevent him from falling over)
> I used to have this problem but I don't remember what mechanical flaw causes this. Do any of you guys know?

Great Question!!

Your brother is suffering from a lack of balance at the plate. One vital aspect of hitting is good balance 1- Stance 2- Swing 3- Post Swing. The reason is off balance could be a number of things (and these are things you should be checking

1- Does he have a good comfortable stance?
2- Is he jumping at the ball? (he you should never jump or "stride hard" because all of your weight goes with you. Instead he needs to stride like he is stepping on an egg to keep his balance and also his weight and hands back.
3- When he is done with his swing all of his wiehgt should be transferred from the back side to the front side and he should almost be ending up high on his front toe.

*** I suspect that he is jumping at the ball instead of having a slow "soft" stride. This is one of the hardest things to teach someone but he just needs to pick it up and put it down as softly as he can about 50 times in row to get the feel.




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