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Re: Re: Re: off season workout plans

Posted by: rql () on Sat Aug 30 18:13:07 2008

> > > hi i need help on making some kind of workout plan im 5'10 135 lbs. im in 10th grade but im going to be playing varsity next year as a center/left fielder and short stop. Ultimatley i just want to bulk up but i dont want to do anything wrong what can you reccommend me?
> >
> > I would recommend doing lots of squats and other lower body exercises, its a great way to get bigger and stronger without becoming too muscle bound and inflexible. Obviously you want to work on your core by doing a variety of situps, crunches, along with standing twists. The only upper body exercise that I do are wrist curls because I'm an adamant believer that strong wrists/forearms help bat control and stability.
> >
> > I really don't see the need to "bulk up" just for the sake of looking big or ripped. The only muscles that matter as far as generating explosion and power are in the legs and lower torso. But if you are going to do exercises like the bench press, lateral rise, bicep curl, etc, you'd better make sure to get good stretches in before and after lifting

..One of the bestworkouts I saw was done on hbo special sports series,like where you look for mini series and such anyways it was nomar and his trainer doing a speed flexibility and balance routine that was directed towards baseball players,the weights is another area of strength conditioning,look at what it is doing for ben zobrist for tampa bay rays ,night and day this year,swimming is a great stretching exercise after weights and I think nomar had a routine in the pool after workouts as well for flexibility.


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