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Re: tilt v. shoulder rotation

Posted by: Brian () on Sun Aug 31 12:41:39 2008

I don't believe video supports Teacherman's position, although the tiny gif video is not very useful. You should put it in a larger avi or wmv file so it can be analyzed better.

As for shoulder tilt, we have been studying players who we believe are suffering from dropping/tilting but not sufficiently rotating the shoulders. Below is prior video on this topic:

Teachman says the shoulders tilt but do not rotate -- clip of Bonds swing

Jack says shoulders rotate around a tilted axis -- Jack's analysis of Bonds

Teacherman's description of Bonds hips/shoulders: "...pushes with the rear foot to gain momentum.....and 'holds' or arrests this forward momentum with his hands.....which causes the hips to open....the lower body running start.....and then< at decision to 'go'.....he laterally tilts the shoulders.....a very explosive move....much more explosive than shoulder rotation"

Jack's video of Bonds showing hip and shoulder rotation -- Griffey's shoulder rotation

Teacherman claims that there is no stationary axis: "There is no stationery axis....there are two pivot points in the high level swing. ... This is extremely important for the energy of the swing to be directed into the ball....instead of around the body.

To the contrary, video analysis shows batters rotating around a stationary axis after the stride. Giambi stationary axis -- Bonds stationary axis (start at 1 min 30 sec)


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