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Re: Re: Re: ground balls......

Posted by: () on Tue Mar 6 03:25:43 2001

> I live in Utah, our HS plays spring baseball.... our first game's next week. Hehe, we've got six inches outside right now. : ( We've been practicing in the gym for about two weeks now(that's really starting to get old). The weather's really weird around here, we get up to 110 in the summer and it doesn't get above 45 up until the middle of March. How come you guys don't have HS teams?? Is it because of the weather and stuff?? So what are you working on as far as torque/rotation?? What's a traveling team??
> Matt
> >
> > Matt did you say TOMORROW AT PRACTICE? Does your league start early? Where are you from?
> > I just signed up for my league last Saturday. Because I live in Canada (3 inches of snow outside right now), we don't have High School teams, we have summer leagues. The Travelling Team tryouts don't start till May. So I have 2 months to get the torque and rotation thing right.


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