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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Little League Pitching (correct answer)

Posted by: THG () on Thu Sep 4 17:33:26 2008

> My 12 year old son hit 115 kph (71.5 mph)on a Muniquip Tribar radar gun. He literally had about 3 bunt hits and 2 infield hits against him all season. Teams refused to swing and initiated "bunt attacks". When I see little league world series pitcher throw 78mph at the 46 foot distance then see a batter pull that pitch I have to seriously question their guns.

Jake. 78 mph for a kid would be very fast. But we have to consider that many kids are bigger, taller, and stronger today. We must also consider that if a kid has exceptional eye sight say 20-10 vision and or exceptional reflexes he could pull any pitch especially if that pitch is coming relatively straight.

Most good Major League hitters can pull anyone's fastball if they are looking for that pitch only. The deception of other pitches makes the hitter more vulnerable. This is why so many big league hitters are hitting so many homeruns. It is also why a pitcher like Justin Verlander is having so much trouble despite the fact that he throws near 100mph. No deception equals no success against the above average hitter.


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