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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hitters of the past.

Posted by: Tim () on Fri Sep 5 19:33:40 2008

> Pujols, is a damm good hitter, no doubt. The POINT is that he's hitting off of guys that 30 years ago plus, wouldn't even be in the big leagues. Sure the guys are bigger and stronger, the population as a whole is. But, bigger and, stronger, doesn't equate to better.
> Because of the modern day excercise regime,guys are definitely stronger. There's guys that are stronger than Mays, Mantle , Williams, Ruth, etc. but, you can't say they're better. How could you?
> And, you say that what Dimmagio did was luck? He soon there after, went on to hit I think, in 38 more, straight games!
> Guys today throwing in the 90's? Big deal. They can't find the plate, like Craig Hanson couldn't for the Red Sox.
> You don't need to be a big horse to be sucessful in the game of baseball. Look at Dustin Pedroia, he's up for MVP of the league.
> How big is he?!!!

You make one assumption that is completely unfounded and that I don't agree with.

What's your reasoning behind the assumption that the pitchers today wouldn't be in the big leagues?

And don't kid yourself, the players today aren't physically stronger they're also more technically skilled just look at the tap. You think Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, or Roberto Clemente could have hit anyone in today's game with those contortions they called swings? Those guys had holes in their swings bigger than the Grand Canyon.

Just stop over romanticizing the past. I know you guys grew up watching those guys but for the most part they just couldn't play with todays players. And if you seriously believe that the guys way back then are as good or better than today's players what does that say about the game of baseball? The players have gotten dumber? I guess all the smart guys play football and basketball now. Which makes sense, those sports are faster to innovate than baseball.


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