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Re: Re: Re: Fast twich fibers vs slow twich fibers

Posted by: Ahmed Azazzy (ahmedazazzy@yahoo.com) on Thu Mar 8 16:05:23 2001

> Nearly all body parts are directly related to the swing. A problem with most "hitting coaches" is they don't fully understand this simple fact. This one reason a player like Griffey Junior, who is a pathetic weakling in his upper body, can generate awesome batspeed- he uses the kinetic chain to transfer energy from his powerful lower body.
> Hello Steve T- Yes, I agree using the whole body and the kinetic chain is a must during the swing. I think you are missing the point of natural genetics I was making, simply put some players naturally use the kinetic chain more effectively than others who were not blessed with as much coordination and ability. In addidtion, to label a player like Ken Griffey Jr. as a "pathetic weakling" is not appropriate and incorrect. How can you make such a statement about a guy who hits 50 plus homeruns a year. Griffey not only is strong in his lower body, but also very powerful in his upper body as well. Have you been around the pro game, at the batting cages, in the weight rooms and in the club houses of stadiums to substantiate such a critical statement? Construtive advice will always have it's place in the game, but calling a guy of this caliber a "pathetc weaking" in his upper body is not only incorrect, but unnecessary...dog


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