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Re: Re: Mark McGwire ( Mechanics)

Posted by: Charley Lau Jr. () on Thu Mar 8 23:04:31 2001

>>> Not as a challenge, I really want to know because this issue has come up before. Can we have a few examples of what you would consider linear hitters in today's game? I would like to try and get a clip on my site and by seeing what defines a linear hitter--try to define rotational a little better. <<<
> Hi Tim
> If you can show a front and side frame-by-frame of any pro batter hitting under 300 and less than 15 HR (full year) and I will be able to point out linear mechanics. Make sure he has a good pitch to hit not jammed or outside. I charted 15 swings at good pitches to hit before giving a hitter a swing classification. --- Tim, I really wish we could sit down for an afternoon and review swings. Im sure we would enjoy it and learn from each other.
> Jack Mankin


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