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Re: Re: Good Hitting vs Bat Speed?

Posted by: Scott W (stwinton@netzero.net) on Mon Nov 7 09:43:31 2005

> >>> Bat speed alone does not equate to good hitting...mechanics can be altered to generate increased bat speed however what does this get you...?
> First off what are the components of 'good hitting?" these are some that I think are importent
> -pre-pitch preparation
> -game situation...understanding what the at-bat means in the scope of the game.
> -mental readiness
> -physical readiness
> -coping with pressure
> -coping with past success and failure
> -being able to take a positive (consistent) approach up to the plate every time
> -balance and RHYTHM, (pre-pitch rhythm and, when the pitch is coming)
> -focus
> -seeing the baseball out of the pitchers hand
> -anticipating break
> -adjusting to strike zones
> -adjusting to change of speed
> -adjusting and being able to hit when your fooled
> -consistently being able to get the barrel on the baseball…squaring it up.
> -adjusting with 2 strikes
> -understanding the tactical advantage and disadvantages when your ahead or behind in the count.
> -MECHANICS and bat speed…
> In my opinion there are a lot of thing that go into ‘good hitting’, the Holy Grail in my opinion is not bat speed…its ‘showey’ and sure sounds great but that along will not make you a good hitter.
> If 'good hitting' is a !00%...how importent (in a percentage) is bat speed? <<<
> Hi Scot
> Welcome to the site. – All the points you mentioned are important. But so is hitting the ball hard and that requires bat speed. Obviously, the hitters at the top of the stat charts are great hitters. What percentage of them would you say do not generate great bat speed?
> Jack Mankin

Having 'great' bat speed doesn’t mean you will hit, that’s the point.

"Great" is a relative term...great in H.S. is different then college and professional. Hitting the baseball is an aspect of offense, hitting for power is one component to offense, bat speed is a component of hitting for power. Hitting for power is probably the most inconsistent of all offensive aspects but conversely the most glamorous...the great Earl Weaver is rolling over in his grave...so be it.

To canonize 'bat speed' as the secret to offensive production is oversimplifying the complex task of scoring runs.

Rate the following....
1. Great Hitter, Great Bat speed (Bonds- power, average, great OB%, limited K’s, great RBI total)
2. Great Hitter, Poor Bat speed (average, sub par power #’s, great OB%, limited strikeouts, solid RBI total)
3. Great Bat Speed, Poor hitter (Good power numbers, weak average, high strike outs, weak OB%, solid to fair RBI total)
4. Poor hitter, Poor Bat Speed (weak all the way around)


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