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Re: Re: coach pitch

Posted by: rql () on Thu Sep 11 11:41:50 2008

> > My son is playing coach pitch baseball this year and many of the parents are saying the pitcher is throwing the ball too hard and at a straight line. However, most of the kids are hitting the ball pretty well, just not always consistently. I feel like if the kids can hit it, then the faster the better because the ball comes off the bat faster. Is this correct?
I feel that at that level there are drastic differences in ability for the kids,some good some that will never make it far,I always tried to adjust the pitching to the ability,for some I would see where they swung everytime and try to throw there.One point though lobbing with an arc is not good,I found getting on a knee put the coach more on the heigth level of the young kids and then throw straigth and adjust speed to each kid,it is about the kids and the experience and success good luck


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