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Re: Re: thoughts on opinions

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Sep 11 22:33:18 2008

>>> On a dvd that David Wright was showing and describing his one hand drills, he said that he wants to be able to wait, wait, wait and then explode on the ball driving it to right feild. That's how he knows his hands are working. He goes on to say that he wants to feel like he is hitting the ball out of the catchers mitt. Obviously he is not hitting the ball out of the catchers mitt but he is describing feel, which is hard to see unless you swing and feel can be different to the individual person.

The MLB hitters who describe something different then what we see are describing feel, but I don't think we can dismiss it, because that is how they created there swing. the swing they have is based off of there cues. <<<

Hi Graylon

Every year millions of young hitters are taught hitting from similar cues. Only a very small percentage of them will ever acquire high level swings. To say the few that did develop is due to the cues they were taught is stretching things a bit. What about the many that did not develop. Are we to conclude the reason they did not develop is also due to those cues?

I would say that teaching young students the mechanics the best hitters actually exhibit rather than what they say they feel they are doing would produce the best results.

Jack Mankin


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