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Re: Re: Re: David Wright's Mechanics

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Sat Sep 13 18:56:14 2008


Thanks for the reply.

I may be confused on your position. I know that Epstein emphasizes getting the front
shoulder down and in.

I had though you had described this as well, but am in error. Sorry.

I do know you describe the shoulder shrug and unshrug actions later in the swing.

I think the tilt of the scaps/shoulders is a universal requirement of the MLB/rotational

It is required to load the shoulder down and in and to then allow the untilt to power the
"THT at launch" in my opinion.

Epstein has the best description of shoulder tilt and how this relates to adjusting the axis
up/more upright for high heater and down/staying more leaned back for low/dropping

When the back shoulder goes down, the front shoulder goes up at the same time.
The scaps can be positioned before this depending on up/down location as it is being

Keeping both scaps well elevated wth rear higher than front forces the weight forward and
gets the axis upright and matches the high heater well but still with a sight degree of

Dropping the rear scap as/before you untilt stops the weight and axis going forward and
launches a loopier swing that matches the low/ofspeed/dropping ball more.

In any case the pattern and sequence are always the same:

PLT -primarily arm action with slight forearm

THT at Launch- forearm twist/swivel and shoulder tilt

BHT results from good scap/shoulder connection to the turning trso as handle torque fires
the bathead out demanding the segmented (non-spinning) transfer of the body
momentum when the torso uncoils.

TURNING the shoulders will not adequately support the dominant torquing (dominant in
controlling synch/trajectory, not dominant in terms of energy which still resides in the
pendulum/"CHP" action) which is the case for the of the handle necessary for THT at


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