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Re: Frustrated Coach

Posted by: () on Thu Mar 15 18:23:31 2001

> I have purchased and studied the following hitting publications.
> The Mike Schmdt Study ( Mike Schmdt & Rob Ellis )
> Hitting with power and consistency ( Charlie Lau )
> Hitting Fundamentals ( Paul Prince )
> You can teach hitting ( Dusty Baker )
> Teaching the mechanics of the major league swing ( Tom Emanski)
> Professional Bunting Techniques ( Tom Emanski )
> I have also done frame by frame video study hitting.
> I have been visiting this website for over a year now and have also purchased jacks video.
> i totaly agree with jacks findings and i have tried to teach them. in doing so i have eliminated the following drills and phrases. fence drill, double tee drill, lead with the knob, stay inside the ball, keep the barell above the hands, weight transfer.
> since doing this my 13 yr old sons average has dropped from 400 to 360. i am now thinking about going back to my previous methods. my son is completely confused and has lost confidence in me as a coach.
> i still agree with Jacks theories but obviously do not know how to teach them. I used the heavy bag drills with my son but was hesitant to do so with the whole team.
> If any one can relate to my situation please feel free to respond. coachbobkw@aol.com
> thanks bob


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