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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hands back,then stride VS stride as hands go back

Posted by: Jim (jwelborn@lexcominc.net) on Sun Nov 20 20:45:45 2005

> Going back through my post, I realize I didn't make that clear. Obviously, if the hands are out of position prior to the launch, they have to be moved back to the right position. I worry about hitters who try to emulate Sheffield's hand motion before the pitch, because if they're out of sync with the pitcher, they may not have enough time to return to the launch position to properly initiate the swing. A little pre-launch motion is okay to stay loose.
> > Hi John
> > I agree that little hand movement is required prior to foot plant for batters who take a stance with the bat in the launch position. But there are a number of good hitters who have the bat-head a good distance from the launch position. These hitters (like Sheffield) must use the correct movement of the hands to sweep the bat-head back to a good launch position before foot plant.
> >
> > Jack Mankin


I believe wagging of the bat as Sheffield does is not detrimental to timing. A bat wagger achieves correct timing by simply altering the wag as the ball approaches. Most good athletes could quickly learn this style. While Sheffield’s is a bit radical, some movement in the stance is helpful. It enables the batter to be better relaxed and focused and achieve fluid movement into the negative move. A batter’s stance should not be a stone statue.

The young batter must learn what kind of stance and movement during the stance works best for him. The stance is not an area where cloning is necessarily desirable. What’s important is what happens during the swing. Sometimes, however, making changes in the stance can have a favorable effect on swing mechanics.



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