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Re: Re: Re: scout's advice

Posted by: Major Dan (markj89@charter.net) on Sun Mar 18 10:11:53 2001

Scouts don't know what they are talking about. They also decide
> > who plays and who doesn't. If your the player has professional
> > ability, there is no need to talk to scouts. The scouts talk to
> > them. Also, it makes a terrible impression for parents to talk
> > to scouts. Comes off as needy and attention-grabbing.
> >
> >although this scout may or may not be misguided, after he gave me his advice he gave me his card and asked that my son contact him in june to play on his scout team sponsered by his major league organization...my conclusion is that he didn't see my inquiries as needy and attention-grabbing....jack, rql, major dan, your thoughts, please....respectfully, grc....

I wish I could give you some advise from experience but I'm not there yet. It is clear that you both have agendas, both agendas are pretty obvious - your son wants to play, the scout is looking for players. (at a deeper level, your son wants to be a desired/valuable player, the scout wants to get talent for cheap. It could be in his interest to sow seeds of doubt in your mind to create more need on your side of the equation. you have to decide what's genuine, what's manipulative - good luck)
It would make sense to me to create some (conversational) level of friendship with the scout. I'd consider his advise - he's offering his opinion; but I wouldn't take it as gospel any more than I would a post on one this forum (could be right but you have to figure out if its right for you). I'd think having some level of relationship with a few scouts would be a good thing. It means your son is being noticed and at some level you are playing them off against each other. It would be nice if they needed you more than you needed them.
Keep us posted - this is interesting and something I hope I'll have to deal with someday!


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