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Re: webball-the torque technique

Posted by: Richard Todd (coach@webball.com) on Mon Mar 19 14:40:50 2001

If I can throw my two cents into this, one of the challenges in running a site like WebBall is knowing how far to go in any one direction. When Jack and I first began conversing - at least 3 years ago, his concepts were in the formative stage - obviously, as this site, shows, he has gone a lot farther than the original contributions to WebBall. As for Paul and others, WebBall is willing to post an idea if we like the thinking behind it and the direction it's heading, but we try to stay true to our original aims - to provide usable instructional content that coaches and players can take to the field. I personally worry about analysis as a teaching technique. As Jack knows that's only the first step - it's really about what do we do to correct hitting faults afterwards. WebBall has long campaigned against the cookie-cutter approach - trying to mold identical ballplayers without regard to individual differences - not only the differences in player physiology but in what/how a particular coach can teach. To be honest I had/have no way to know if Paul followwed Jack or vice versus or totally independent thinking. If you wanted to go strictly by results, I would favor Charley Lau's approach (also on WebBall) - he has after all turned out some of the players others are analyzing.


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