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Re: Re: timing off

Posted by: joel (joeldavidhartman@gmail.com) on Sat Sep 20 19:15:11 2008

> > my timing seems to be off- i pick up the pitch fine, and recognize location and pitch type, but sometimes find myself getting jammed on a meatball, or just giving up on a hanging breaking ball. in BP my swing feels great i hit on the barrel..i can't think of what i need to do.
> You need to get in position to hit the ball sooner. I've experienced what you're going through. You see the ball fine and you know that you can hit it but you just feel "handcuffed," getting jammed by pitches that should be drilled, or giving up on hangers that should be crushed. What you need to do is get you body in position to hit the ball before the ball is is even close to reaching the hitting zone. So get that back elbow close to the tucked position, get your weight on your front foot etc, in this position no pitch will handcuff or fool you.

we'll see what happens this week. i have a workout on saturday, and then i'm shutting it down to recoup from the season before i train for winter ball.


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