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Re: Re: Adjusting Inside/Outside

Posted by: FiveFrameSwing (lyons.chris@yahoo.com) on Mon Sep 22 19:05:58 2008

LRS thank you for pointing out these posts.

I found Rqls following comments informative.

To hit the outside ball
· You prepare for a higher deeper load
· Your lead arm straightens more.
· As you swing your rear elbow slots away from your ribs more than an inside pitch.
· Your lead arm stays straight and the inside of the lead bicep stays attached to lead chest muscle thru contact, hips and shoulder rotation.
· Start a little deeper and end a little earlier on this pitch.

Other interesting comments from Rql.

For an outside pitch
· Knob normally starts out pointed back toward catcher
· It will be turned and pointed toward the oppo base before any lead shoulder turn really begins
· Example: http://www.teachersbilliards.com/Hitzone/Guillen1.gif

Now the inside pitch, or ball to be pulled, the outward rotating of the knob gets aborted and the knob is worked more down to get quicker inside the ball before shoulder rotation begins.
Example: http://www.teachersbilliards.com/Hitzone/Guillen2.gif

It as if the same loading path is always started, then interrupted early to turn more/sooner on inside and continued longer

It is the ability of the bottom hand to prepare for that pattern then abort it and quickly.

Same loading path is started then aborted for inside when read. This means to me that you must be loading for the away pitch 1st, you cant have load intent away and be looking inside, you must look away and adjust inside as you have said here, this has been my contention all along.

Look away react in was my key swing thought when I was trying to cover both sides of plate.



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