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Re: Re: Adjusting Inside/Outside

Posted by: Shawn () on Mon Sep 22 20:07:22 2008

> Five,I credit you 4 much of my hitting success and excitedly offer Jacks 11 oclock load v 1 oclock load as brilliant!!!!!!!!(Re RQL-adjustment question...Dec15 2000)AND(Re Re Re different perspective on Batspeed...Feb12 2005).....Students like me should benefit from rql & Toms strategic(how to hit outside pitch..Aug19 2007)AND tactical(bottom hand swing initiation...Sept22 2007)!!!!!!Thanks ALL of you VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LRS


I just wanted to say that I feel a slight change in timing. If I read the pitch well and pick up the angle and looking to hit anything thrown, say I have two strikes. It is a very minute change, and kids have a hard time making this minute change. It's something that comes with experience. This slight change allows the ball to get deeper on the outside pitch. And the only way to learn it is through practice, alternating between inside and outside pitches.

Now if you are looking inside or outside only, the timing for each is much easier. And working on both, just inside and just outside, that helps to develop this slight change. The hitter should feel the difference. And in time they can learn the difference, but they have to learn how to read the angle of the pitch quickly.

The problem I see is very few work on it.

I'm not discussing the mechanical changes your asking about. Just asking how many times do you force the hitter to hit nothing but inside pitches and then nothing but outside pitches. Say their facing a pitching machine, do you make them move toward and away from the plate simulating inside and outside pitches. That just one example.


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