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Re: Re: Re: Re: Initiation: The Running Start

Posted by: Chuck (Chuck10112@gmail.com) on Tue Sep 23 11:38:55 2008

> Hi,
> There is some things I can take from your posts, but most of it is the same old story.
> The hips play their role, they do not dominate the swing. And while activity begins in the hip region, the legs start at the same time. You would have to understand how the legs and hips start the sequence and then transfer energy, linking up to the next segment causing/creating force. And as they link up they give up a good deal of their energy and are no longer the driving force of the swing.
> And I find it interesting you are using the term of creating "waves" and would not understand that hips just play a role in creating a wave. Waves are closer to fluid physics, or whatever they call it.
> I know someone who is looking into this type of physics in the swing.
> The goal of the swing is to not just use the hips, you have to understand the goal of the swing to understand the swing. And you did not mention the goal, except it's all about the hips, that is not the goal of the swing.

The goal of the swing is to hit the ball as hard as you can (which doesn't necessarily mean swing as hard as you can). The hips are the source of power that allows you to do that. I purposely didn't go into heavy description in describing what the legs do because I already did that in a previous post. The argument that I thought would get the most resistance was the needlessness of the backswing and THT.


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