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Re: Re: choking in the game

Posted by: bgee (4mathes@xtn.net) on Wed Mar 21 10:28:41 2001

Have had similar experiences. I think it's common that most players don't hit as well in games. Try to duplicate tricky pitch placements and offspeed situations in practice.
> My feeling though is in games it boils down to lack of relaxation which causes tightness in games.
> I am a big believer in the following to improve the situation in games....
> Rocking back and forth between the insides of the feet. Waggling the bat as well. Waggling the butt even. Maybe all three--just keep the head from moving too much.
> What will happen though, is in practice he's relaxed and doesn't need those tension-breaking methods, and may forget to do that. So in games it is either forgotten or feels unnatural because he hasn't been doing it in practice.
> So for this to work, it needs to be done religiously in practice so it becomes second nature and not something new in game situations. I know that not every pro does it. But some need that.
> It sounds simplistic, but I've found it to be an effective slump breaker.
> Tim
> Thanks Tim, I know what you're talking about, and I agree. I'll give it a try.


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