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Re: Re: Re: Re: Weight Shift and Balance Before Lower Body Rotation

Posted by: donny (donnybstr@aol.com) on Mon Dec 19 04:38:44 2005

If the upper body action that Jack M describes IS happening and I believe that it is, then a shift is necessary just to keep overall balanced or counter balance the upper body arm and hand action and shoulder loading that is occuring on the back side of the core. You must balance the scales or you will stay back too much and spin or the inertia of the bat will pull you farther back at launch.

The stride is momentum to counter balance and /or to uncoil the hips harder.

While the speed of the shift or transfer is small, the weight of the player is large so....mass times assleration must be considered.

I agree that a large noticable shift is not necessary. Balance is a dynamic move that can move weight if necessary to maintain the center point WHILE loading and launching take place. So maybe your both correct. It is not a step to hit but a shift to maintain the balance point relative to the load and launch


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