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Jack, this site is great, but.....

Posted by: DC (dccurry33@yahoo.com) on Fri Mar 23 15:09:48 2001

I really enjoy the knowledge that I gained from this site. If I was teaching baseball, I would follow it to the tee. However, I play slo-pitch softball. In my sport, the BATTER must generate the majority of the power for the swing. A 95 mph pitch helps baseball people generate their power, but I don't have that luxury. Batspeed is crucial for all of us. In slo-pitch, it takes alot more force to MAINTAIN (or accelerate) batspeed thru contact due to the fact that the ball is heavier and moving slower. Jack, I have tried everything that your site suggest, however, I still achieve success more consistently when I utilize full lead-arm extension back into my launching position, induce the swing with hips opening, allowing the front-side to pull (stretch out) the torso, shoulders, arms, and hands around in a maximum-lengthed, arced hand-path until just before contact. At that point, I extend both arms straight out forward (cutting off the rotating hand-path), which creates much greater angular displacement when my hands torque around a fixed, extended point. To try to disprove this point in defense of your site, I stuck a pencil through the hole in the handle of a flyswatter. I rotated it around similiar to a hemi-helicopter blade. When I maintained a circular path with it, the batspeed was marginal. In the other experiment, I started it about in a circular path, extended it in a straighter path (but not completely straight), then stopped it. Once its forward path was stopped, the insuing angular displacement was tremedous as it accelerated around that fixed-point. Remember, no torque was applied due to the fact that it was rotating around a pencil. Try it yourself. The circular hand-path could not match the angular displacement. Jack, please feel free to call me @ 517-201-0581. Im really interested in proving that in fact your site is the superior way to swing. Sincerely, DC


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