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Re: How Far Should He Hit It

Posted by: Tom Waz (sluggoking@msn.com) on Tue Dec 27 08:51:14 2005

> Grandson just turned 13 and is 5'3 and about 92 pounds.
> During winter little league and for a 13u travel team, he now
> plays on fields that are 300 or more to the fence. He was
> considered a power hitter in little league and rarely struck out. In
> fact one of his weakness is that he swings at any strike and can
> put just about any pitch in play. During winter league he got
> better at being more selective and that helped him hit balls
> harder and further. On the big field the most he can carry the ball
> in the air is about 270 feet and only if the pitcher has a good fast
> ball. To me 270 would be about the most someone his size
> should be able to carry a ball in the air but I'm considering
> sending him to a rotational hitting camp to hopefully gain
> additional distance. Not sure if he uses rotational hitting
> techniques but his coaches have told me that he does generate
> a lot of bat head speed. Should I send him to a rotational hitting
> camp?

My son was about the same size last year and that's about as far as he could hit (maybe slightly less). Over the years whenever I noticed he was hitting the ball further I would go home and put him on the scale...I noticed a large correlation between his weight and distance. IMHO, Age and height did not have as much effect.

Tom Waz


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