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Re: seeing bat contact

Posted by: JLB (oz2009@verizon.net) on Fri Oct 3 05:50:03 2008

was wondering if anyone has a drill to help batters watch the ball all the way to contact?

I would suggest rethinking that cue. Watch where the eyes are looking at for most MLB hitter at contact and you will find they're looking straight ahead and the head is not tilted down looking at the ball. Players hit the trajectory of the ball. The decision to swing is made at the MLB level when the ball is about 10-15 feet off the plate. Both eyes are looking ahead not down on the bat at contact. At lower levels, too much emphasis on seeing the ball hit the bat leads to a dipped head which causes a loop in the swing. Its more important to drill turning the head far enough towards the pitcher so both eyes have full view of the pitch, and letting their peripheral vision track the ball the last 10 feet or so and not letting the head turn at contact.



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