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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: baseball velocity

Posted by: Andy (aaa) on Sun Jan 15 17:15:01 2006


I'm going to make a guess that they were measuring batspeed, not ball speed. I can hit a ball off a tee in the low 90's (I challenge my students all the time at this, using speedcheck radar), there is no way I could make a ball travel close to 400 feet off a tee. Plus, I'm sure that a ball thrown at 90 mph can travel a maximum of 300 feet. I know there are slight differences in spin, but if it only took 90 mph to hit a ball 400 feet, it reasons to be said that MLB pitchers could long-toss at 400 feet, which they can't.

> I still have the home run derby at Fenway Park a few years ago on tape, they measured the speed of the ball coming off the ball and displayed it at the top left of the screen. They were hitting the ball well over 400 feet-most homers were about 410 feet and the speed measured was usually in the low-90's.


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