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Re: Re: Overlapping pinky grip

Posted by: george stanley (saint_george13@yahoo.com) on Wed Oct 8 17:48:12 2008

> > Jack, can you or anyone share anything on the overlapping pinky grip. That is the pinky finger of the Top Hand overlaps the bottom hand and the pinky finger of the bottom hand overlaps the bat knob. I hear this can give you up to 5-7 miles on hour additional bat speed. Is this true?
> That technique works well for some high level slow pitch softball hitters.

hello gerardt!
any hitter should understand the basic premise of the relationship between the bat & your hands.. the power generated by your body is transferred to the bat... BY YOUR HANDS!! NOTHING ELSE BUT YOUR HANDS!
therefore it would be LOGICAL to assume that the greater the surface area of your hands in contact with the bat in conjunction with the greatest amount of pressure your hands can exert on the bat once you initiate the swing will generate the greatest batspeed. thus generating the greates power, thus creating the greatest force on the ball.
what really fires me are those MLB hitters showing the youth of america they think it is a good idea to have one finger hanging off the bottom of the bat.. like they're having tea withthe queen of england.. these fools think 9 fingers will exert greater pressure on the bat than 10..in their upside-down world of LOGIC, then 8 fingers would be better than 9..7 fingers would be better than 8.. you see where this is going? according to that LOGIC,ZERO fingers would be the best number of fingers to have on the bat!!!but we all know if you don't have any fingers on the bat.. it won't move!!... don't we?
in that same vein, to overlap the knob on the handle is going to DECREASE DECREASE DECREASE DECREASE the pressure exerted on the bat handle.. if one finger on the knob is BETTER, than why not try 2 fingers?!?! that should be even better!! see where this LOGIC takes you??
this action is nothing more than RUMORMONGERING of the first order..
it is a microcosm of the hitter fraternity... monkey-see, monkey-do.
somebody says they tried it & they started hitting.. so everyone else tries it..
these are the same guys who don't have the plane angles of both palms
in the same plane.. ala MATT HOLLIDAY, who..as good as he is, is slowing his batspeed. or worse yet, when they swing, the bat flies into the stands.. thses guys who have a loosey-goosey grip on the bat are robbing themselves of many MPH of batspeed by not having a deathgrip on the bat once the swing is underway..
1. ALL fingers on the bat provides more surface area, therefore more power to the bat.
2. a DEATHGRIP on the handle (starting a swing initiation) exerts more pressure on the handle, creating maximum batspeed. imagine what would happen to a lumberjack if he did not have maximum pressure on the handle.. the axe would bounce off the tree. SQUEEZE IT!!! HARD AS YOU CAN!!!


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