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Re: Re: hips and hands

Posted by: donny () on Sun Jan 22 03:35:40 2006

Jack doen't want absurd exchanges here Linear. What I have seen about the learn to turn stuff looks like they are preparing to pull a train. Mark Versategan has rotary power tapes that are quite good but we are talking about hitting. Secondly nobody has ever posted anything on learning how to turn as to the details that I have seen. Thirdly, I have never had to work hard on turning when the upper body is correctly. When it is correct, I have never seen a kid that could turn properly. The are inseparable.

If they knew how to load proper there would be connection. I am not going to the batting cages with a medicine ball with three weeks to a game if a kid doesn't conistently get his bat in the correct place cocnsistently at toe touch.

Imagine going to a golf instructor with your take away and club position awful at the top and him start by telling you about hips rotation. I don't know you but I gurantee you don't play golf or you would understand what would happen. You grossly overstate what turning will cure IMHO


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