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Re: Would playing wiffle ball be detrimental to one's swing?

Posted by: rql () on Sat Oct 11 19:46:25 2008

> I am just curious about something. My son and I like to play wiffle ball in the back yard quite often. Would swinging a wiffle bat adversely affect one's hardball swing? Is it a good alternative to batting cage practice or is it more likely to introduce bad habits? The reason I ask is because getting my son out to practice is hardball swing at a batting cage is time consuming and expensive. Since the backyard is free and easy I thought maybe this would be a good way to get in some practice and still have fun at the same time.
The problem I have with wiffle ball is the bat is so light that you can arm swing it just fine and induce bad habits but if you can use good habits and connection and wait on the ball great and have fun just hit whenever possible


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